About the author…

Nate (Nathan Keir Edel) Nate Edel, in London 2005, standing in front of a battleship cannon

I’m the author of this site(*), which I started in the Fall of 2004 basically as a way of recording election-related stories I liked without bothering all my friends with them over email; it’s been kind of dead recently, but as I think I’m overusing the “share link” function on Facebook, I may try to revive this; expect more in terms of “this is cool” links than personal stuff. Writing a diary has never suited me.

After the election it developed into something between the classic sense of “web log” of sites I find and news stories – mainly of the humorous, now that the election is over – and more of a personal journal. Short personal updates will remain on my Facebook profile, and if you know me I’d encourage you to add me as a friend there if you haven’t already.

I’m in my early-40s(**), a techie, and married to Marie (who really needs to get her own page up and running.) For the curious or merely bored, I direct you over to my personal web page if you’d like to know more.

(* I’ve invited a couple of friends to post here. Right now the only one who has actually done so is Aveek.)

(** I’m not trying to be vague, really – I last updated that 5 years ago at 35, am now 40, and can pretty much guarantee I will not remember to update this each year.)