A confusion of Churchills…

Apropos of nothing, but awesome in a “I didn’t know that” sort of way:

This is nice. In 1899, Winston Churchill was 25, an aspiring politician, and the author of a couple of books. He was not, however, the most famous Winston Churchill around. That was the now largely forgotten, but at the time best-selling, American novelist… Winston Churchill. Aware of this, the British Winston Churchill wrote to his namesake as follows:

The original blog post is worth reading for the brief correspondence between the two.
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The 335 Year War…

Historical trivia at its best…

On 17 April 1986 a remarkable event occurred in the Isles of Scilly – something overlooked by history books and the Guinness Book Of World Records – the longest war in history was ended.

War was declared in 1651.

In 1985, local historian-come-Chairman of the Council, Roy Duncan, decided to look into the rumours that “Scilly was still at war with the Netherlands”. When he asked the Dutch embassy in London, they said that the rumour was accurate. Cllr. Duncan decided to invite the Dutch ambassador in London, Jonkheer Huydecoper, to the Islands in order to sign they treaty.

The treaty was signed on 17 April 1986, 335 years after it was declared.

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