Roberts confirmed by the Senate…

Via Yahoo News/AP: Senate Confirms Roberts As Chief Justice

Part of me says “damn, this is Bush finally getting the Supreme Court, what we fought so hard against in 2000 and 2004” and write something filled with scathing righteous indignation… maybe change the borders of the blog black or something… but know what? Ever since they announced that he would be replacing Rehnquist after that old conservative warhorse passed on, I just can’t get that excited about Robert… it’s just the bad replacing the bad.

At this point, I just HOPE that people see the importance of Justice O’Connor’s replacement, and are prepared to fight it… up to and including a filibuster… 3 years of it, if necessary.

O’Connor Resigns.


On CNN via DBA:

“This is to inform you of my decision to retire from my position as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, effective upon the nomination and confirmation of my successor.

“It has been a great privilege, indeed, to have served as a member of the Court for 24 terms.

“I will leave it with enormous respect for the integrity of the Court and its role under our constitutional structure.”

Lots of talk on AMERICAblog, MyDD, DailyKos, and I’m sure all the other usual suspects as well.

It cannot possibly be overemphasized how much damage an unbalanced conservative court could to to civil liberties in this country. This was why I vehemently opposed Bush in 2000, and is probably more important even than the war issue today. Get involved, stay involved.

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