Inside baseball, Linux edition

I love the title of this article: “ ¿Por qué SystemD es una mierda? Too tired tonight to read the whole thing in Spanish — I’ll feel dumb if the implications of the title aren’t their point — but wanted to share somewhere. Disabling the FB/Twitter publicize for this one for obvious reasons if you… Continue reading Inside baseball, Linux edition

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Fun with Gentoo

Nightly auto-upgrades are great, except when they aren’t. In this case, going from app-misc/screen-4.0.3-r7 to app-misc/screen-4.2.1-r2 changed the default SCREENDIR from /run/screen to /tmp/screen. Normally wouldn’t care, but I had running screen sessions and couldn’t get in; oops! Only realized about the SCREENDIR variable after I’d already downgraded back to 4.0.3-r7.

What I was doing at age 18

I recently realized that a very important aspect of what I have done for the past year in my day job is echoing how I got started in my career. That is, I spent a bunch of time last year and this year justifying a large technical project — in writing for a less-technical audience… Continue reading What I was doing at age 18

Manually cleaning an Intel (or other TRIM-able) SSD with hdparm

Figured this might be a useful snippet of perl for other folks. When I rebuild my system last Nov, I wiped the drive with the following: my $a = 0; while ($a < 312581808) { my $b = 60000; if (($a + 60000) >= 312581808) { $b = ($a % 60000) – 1; } print… Continue reading Manually cleaning an Intel (or other TRIM-able) SSD with hdparm

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Manually installing JDKs on Gentoo

In case it’s useful for anyone else, if you run the ___.bin installer and see this: bin/java -version Error occurred during initialization of VM java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object Check if rt.jar exists in the unpacked directory. If it does not, check if rt.pack exists. If it does, it means that the installer is missing a step. Rerunning… Continue reading Manually installing JDKs on Gentoo

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An interesting night…

First, I discover this afternoon that my server has rebooted on an older Kernel and the SATA drives aren’t being recognized. No wonder it’s going so slow; the RAID is running in degraded mode (not inherently slower for RAID0/mirroring, but in practice it’s going to mean that the system does everything much more carefully wrt… Continue reading An interesting night…

I am so l33t!!!

There was planned downtime this weekend. The server now has mirrored hard drives, using the software RAID1 driver. And a hopefully much faster news spool on its own partitition, but that is a separate issue most of you are unlikely to see (if you actually know me in person and don’t already have one, do… Continue reading I am so l33t!!!