I actually SAW one for once…

…rather than just reading about it afterwards. I’m referring to a
fare pricing error, this time on USAir.

About $38-40 post tax for fares from pretty much anywhere into Lebanon, NH (and according to the news story, a few other cities… those I didn’t see.) LEB is the airport nearest Hanover, NH which is where my undergrad college was, and guys from my fraternity heard about the deal and distributed the news via our house mailing list. I saw it, nearly booked two tickets for 4th of July weekend, but Marie wanted to check her class schedule to make sure she could go, and wanted to go back to sleep first.

Ah well. Not like I need the USAir miles, but of course AA doesn’t fly to LEB, and being able to visit my family over the summer would have been fun.

2 thoughts on “I actually SAW one for once…”

  1. next time you see a ticket to anywhere from NY for under 40$ call my cell and let me know where to look…. I wouldnt mind getting out of the city

  2. This fare glitch was reported first at Flyertalk (listed on the Sites of Interest page) in the “Mileage Run” forum. I actually saw it when it was still available, but passed as I couldn’t find availability quickly and decided I didn’t really want to go to exotic Lebanon (NH) or Watertown (NY).

    The best part is that some people were able to book first class tickets (ie confirmed, not upgrades) for only about $20-$30 more roundtrip.

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