My new transportation/toy…

OK, I’ve been too busy to write much lately. But since I promised to try to work more personal news in here, I’ve got a new scooter. I’ve owned a couple of other two-wheelers in the past (photos and perhaps comments later after the break), but this is my first new one:

The new scooter

It’s an MZ Moskito Classico, a 2-stroke 50cc, sort of a vespa wannabe look.

Overall, I’m not terribly impressed compared to my old Honda Aero 50 — it’s a bit slower, and feels a bit flimsier, but it’s brand new and hopefully will be hassle-free compared to my relatively bad luck reliability-wise with used ones. Anyone know if it will speed up any once it breaks in? Or if there are any relatively easy hop-ups for these?

Here’s the old scooter, an 1987 Honda Aero 50:
The old scooter
Some f***er stole it, right after I finally got the battery recharged and had it running well again. It was kind of flakey before that (probably a bad charging circuit?) so I hope the person who stole it has had a lot of trouble, or better still gets something horrible and communicable.

Here’s my former motorcycle, which I had for a couple of years, didn’t ride as much as I ought to have, and then sold, a 1978 Honda CB400T:
The old bike

Nice bike, just a bit big and heavy for the city and a little tired… pretty slow, actually, especially after it sat for too long a couple of times. Ah well!

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