Colors to do personality profiling?

I ran into this a while ago, but I think it was before I was blogging. I was recently reminded by a friend of it, and thought it worth a mention.

There is an explanation at the overlying site, but the fun part is to simply go to the Colorgenics profiler itself and give it a shot.

My results for the curious:

You are always alert and keenly observant. You are not truly satisfied with your everyday status and you are seeking fresh avenues which can give you the opportunity to prove your worth. You feel that there are still many barriers that stand between you and recognition – but one by one you will overcome them. Your tenacity is your one good point – like an English Bulldog, once you take the bite, you will seldom let go.

Always anxious to accept the role of the leader, as indeed you often work well with people – but try to stay out of the limelight. You’d like a life of ease with no one to rock the boat and someone who understands you is so important in your life.

Being a very proud individual, you tend to hold yourself aloof pretending that you are stoical – indifferent to pain and pleasure. This is not so, for in truth you are an extremely emotional individual, one that may make a hasty decision and perhaps regret it at leisure. It is time now to break the bond of detachment and be the ‘you’ that you would like to be – give vent to your emotions and enjoy yourself.

You are being unduly influenced by the situation that is all around you. You do not like the feeling of loneliness and whatever it is that seems to separate you from others. You know that life can be wonderful and you are anxious to experience life in all its aspects, to live it to the full. You therefore resent any restriction or limitations that are being imposed on you and you insist on going it alone.

You are anxious about all the limitations to which you are subjected to at this time. You feel that you are not valued for what or who you are. You need OUT. So why procrastinate any longer – MOVE!

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