No longer just an urban legend?

Police hunt for doctor in kidney-snatching ring

Shakil, a 28-year-old recovering from a transplant in a Gurgaon hospital, winced as he described how his kidney was forcibly removed.

“Two armed guards took me to another room. They took blood samples … forced me onto a stretcher and then they gave me an injection,” he said. “When I woke up, I had pain in my waist and I was dizzy.”

Shakil and others in nearby hospital beds said a man approached them with promises of well-paying jobs. Instead, he brought them to the house in Gurgaon, they said.

See also Snopes.

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Someone with a web server and a sense of humor… runs on a Commodore 64

Online retailing can be a rough sport. The competition is rabid, customer loyalty is fickle, and IT expenses can go through the roof.

That’s why The Register can appreciate an e-tailer with a unique business model.

A hawk-eyed El Reg reader points out that UK online retailer appears to be cutting costs by running its site on servers dating back to the late Cretaceous period – roughly speaking. According to internet monitoring company Netcraft, the e-tailer has bypassed run-of-the-mill legacy servers for some serious heirlooms.


Next, you’ll find not one but two Commodore 64s. The Commodore debuted in 1982 with 64KB RAM, a 1.02MHz MOS Technology 6510 processor, and a 16-color, 320×200 resolution monitor. Not to mention a creamy BASIC 2.0 operating system.

eBay, where the sellers pay YOU.

UK teen buys PS2 on eBay, receives box stuffed with £44,000

A young man in the UK got a serious shock when the PS2 that he’d won on eBay arrived at his home in Aylsham, Norfolk. The game system — which he’d paid £95 for — arrived without the two games promised by the seller, but with £44,000, or about $90,378. The boy and his family turned the money over to police, who are holding it until late September under the UK’s “Proceeds of Crime Act” while they investigate the case. A spokesman for eBay described the situation as “somewhat unusual,”

Woof? or Baaaa? or time to check Snopes?

Dog-sheep swap scam or sham?

By staff writers
April 27, 2007 12:30pm

Sheep sold as poodles in scam, report claims
Couple alarmed to learn their dog had hooves
Killjoy bloggers say yarn is just an urban myth

THOUSANDS of Japanese pet owners were swindled into buying half-price “poodles” that were actually sheep, it was reported today.

It wasn’t until a film star appeared on a talk-show program and wondered why her new poodle wouldn’t bark that the swindle was uncovered, the story said.

Old news, but too weird not to share.

Daddy’s Girl

Fisher Island millionaire Bruce McMahan loved his daughter so much, he married her.
Published: September 28, 2006

A secret sexual relationship with his daughter was not enough.

There had to be a wedding.

It gets worse from there. Much worse, and funny as hell (for us safely uninvolved 3rd parties.)