A personal note…

I turned 29 today. Woohoo! Well, maybe not, but at least I’m not 30 yet.

On other notes, the election is only a few days about 30 hours off, I found out my brother has a blog (also in the sidebar now), and I’ve been way too busy at work to update much. Just remember to go out and vote on Tuesday, if you haven’t already. (I went to early voting on Saturday, with Marie… took a half hour or so.)

Even Eminem does GOTV by kos
Tue Oct 26th, 2004 at 18:20:31 GMT

Eminem’s new video is amazing. Truly. Even if you think you don’t like hip hop.
Post mirrors if you’ve got ’em. I know they must be out there.

Update: Sorry about the infected link. Mea culpa.
Also, from the comments:

We need this video on MTV

Go here to nominate it for TRL.
Go here to nominate it for MTV’s hip hop request show.
Scroll to the bottom, click “Other”, and enter Eminem for artist and “Mosh” for song title. Vote it in as many times as you can!

As should be obvious, from Daily Kos… links re-added manually, any errors mea culpa.

(Post without title)

Arguments in favor of Oregon’s anti-gay marriage iniative 36 include such wonderful tidbits as:

“Oh, by the way, although Jesus never said a single word condemning homosexuality, if heterosexuals can’t get married, homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to marry either—well, unless they’re too weak-willed to abstain. Sissies!”

(from Daily Dish)

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