Red-state vs. Blue-state Christmas movies?

Santa Claus is strictly a red-state hero MSNBC Commentary by Erik Lundegaard The best part is at the end: Finally, for Democrats everywhere, I’d recommend those Christmas movies whose message is more cynical than simply putting aside common sense to have faith in Santa Claus. In “It’s a Wonderful Life,” George Bailey wishes he’d never… Continue reading Red-state vs. Blue-state Christmas movies?

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I have too darn many DVDs

I just finished re-cataloging them, and if I’m counting right and have removed all the duplicate entries properly, well over 400 of them (I had an exact number there but have already noted duplicates and omissions). A list, for the truly masochistic (or those who want to gloat that they’ve got even more) after the… Continue reading I have too darn many DVDs

If you need it, this is the coolest tool ever

We had a partition table wiped at work last night, and I had a hell of a time finding a tool to recover it. Well, TestDisk does it, and it’s free/GPL. The commercial tool I sometimes use for partition stuff DID have the ability to recover deleted partitions or reconstruct the whole table but didn’t… Continue reading If you need it, this is the coolest tool ever

A quick technical note

The system was down for upgrades for a couple of hours tonight. Hopefully the memory issues I’ve been having will be fixed, and things won’t be any slower for you folks out there (if anyone’s reading *lol*). Since this is running over a DSL line, I doubt the changes will be noticeable, but there may… Continue reading A quick technical note

34 Things to do before Bush’s second inauguration

Taken directly from AMERICAblog I didn’t write this, don’t know who did. But it’s good. Feel free to add your own: Some things to do Before the Inaugural: 1. Get that abortion you’ve always wanted. 2. Drink a nice clean glass of water. 3. Cash your social security check. 4. See a doctor of your… Continue reading 34 Things to do before Bush’s second inauguration

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New Zealand rocks…

Seriously, I can’t decide if this is incredibly cool or just sorta cool and incredibly funny… Sex Industry – A Guide to Occupational Health and Safety in the New Zealand (per the site being linked to, the document in question contains sexually explicit material.) WHEN THE PROSTITUTION REFORM BILL WAS BEING CONSIDERED BY THE Justice… Continue reading New Zealand rocks…

More on Fascist America

The Project for the Old American Century site identifies 14 points in common between fascism and the current administration Oh, and have a look at this animation linked to from the page above. It’s an interesting take on the military budget — you can also have a look at the WRL “pie chart” for more… Continue reading More on Fascist America

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