Brin on Star Wars vs. Star Trek

A great article that I’d lost track of by David Brin… “Star Wars” despots vs. “Star Trek” populists Anyway, when it comes to portraying human destiny, where would you rather live, assuming you’ll be a normal citizen and no demigod? In Roddenberry’s Federation? Or Lucas’ Empire? See also his “incautious and heretical re-appraisal of J.R.R.… Continue reading Brin on Star Wars vs. Star Trek

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Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “R”

The word for the day is “reification” Reification From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Reification, also called hypostatisation, is treating an abstract concept as if it were a real, concrete thing. The term is often used pejoratively by epistemological realists as a criticism of epistemological idealists. Epistemological realists often regard reification as a logical fallacy. Wikipedia… Continue reading Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “R”

Norwegians know the truth about Bush…

Norwegians Confused by Bush Salute OSLO, Norway – President Bush’s “Hook ’em, ‘horns” salute got lost in translation in Norway, where shocked people interpreted his hand gesture during his inauguration as a salute to Satan. That’s what it means in the Nordics when you throw up the right hand with the index and pinky fingers… Continue reading Norwegians know the truth about Bush…

Lighter, faster, cheaper?

From Stars & Stripes: One serving officer, who asked not to be identified, said Rumsfeld “didn’t even let us go to war with the Army we had; he made us leave half our armored vehicles at home in pursuit of lighter, faster and cheaper.” Apparantly, we had a lot of Bradleys and similar APCs, and… Continue reading Lighter, faster, cheaper?

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“That’s all he has, and he knows it.”

I am going to make this short but sweet: The only weapons Pres. George W Bush has in his intellectual arsenal are book burning, brainwashing, and intimidation. That’s all he has, and he knows it. For complete details, I refer you to my forthcoming book on the subject. I shall here mention only a few… Continue reading “That’s all he has, and he knows it.”

New “Visit America” tourist slogans

Pretty funny… Now that the Bush administration’s mandate has been extended for another four years, President Bush has indicated that improving our image abroad will rank very high on his list of priorities. To that effect, he has commissioned the Department of Homeland Security to increase the flow of foreign tourism by adopting a catchy… Continue reading New “Visit America” tourist slogans

Why we need a bigger House of Representatives…

See primarily (after the Constitutionally minimum size of a Congressional district) See also this diary on DailyKOS and this post on DailyKOS These in turn seem to be spurred on by a Boston Globe article: Divide Iraq’s 25 million people by the number of members in the new parliament (275), and the result is… Continue reading Why we need a bigger House of Representatives…

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OK, in my case this is just gloating…

…and to be honest, my original post was mostly “look at these silly red-stater’s” but according to this news article, Virginia HB 1677 has been withdrawn largely thanks to blog publicity: “I’ve never been blogged before,” he said. “The tone of the e-mails has been disgusting. It’s, ‘You’re a horrible person. You ought to be… Continue reading OK, in my case this is just gloating…

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