`Illegal drugs can be “harmless” and should no longer be “demonised”‘

British report: Drugs may not be all that bad.
In other news: Pinochet and Franco are still dead.

Illegal drugs can be harmless, report says

Thursday March 8, 2007
Illegal drugs can be “harmless” and should no longer be “demonised”, a wide-ranging two-year study concluded today.

The report said Britain’s drug laws were “not fit for purpose” and should be torn up in favour of a system which recognised that drinking and smoking could cause more harm.

(To make my own opinion perfectly clear: I am in favor of decriminalization of most drugs. Go Britain!)

Photo of the day: Ducks.

The ducks, March 2007
(click for full size)

The ducks were being frisky recently when Marie fed them, and I got a few photos. The one in the middle with the darker color and the white neck we’ve nicknamed “runty” as Marie thought he was skinny. I dunno about that, but he’s one of the few who are individually recognizable.

(PS, I’m not sure why the thumbnails are so small now!)

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