Programming Languages, as I learned them (pt1)

I wrote this around 6 months ago, and somehow never published it BASIC (1980-83: CP/M MBASIC, Commodore, BASICA, QuickBasic, VB6; a little bit of AppleSoft and TRS-80) Somewhere around the holidays in 1980 or perhaps early 1981, I had my first encounter with a computer thanks to one of my parents’ friends noticing I was… Continue reading Programming Languages, as I learned them (pt1)

Chili, a questionable success

This blog is pretty much dead, but I use it as a notepad mostly for recipes these days. If you like any of these, feel free to reuse them, and consider sending me a shout out on my twitter @nkedel This came out really thick, and perhaps a bit too salty – unsure what to… Continue reading Chili, a questionable success

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