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Spring Break Fallujah

(title from the link by Atrios / Eschaton)

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Today’s news of the weird…

There’s no adequate description for this,, though it’s probably a total fabrication.

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Chinese capsule hits house…
Florida voting trouble staring already

Cue up Blame Florida… (that’s an MP3 link)

Election 2004

My biggest qualms with what Bush said…

…he complained about relying on the British for the flu vaccine when Chiron is an American company, and in fact located locally here in the Bay Area.

…he denied his remarks about not being concerned about OBL. I hope he eats those words.

…that he wouldn’t give a straight answer on Roe-v-Wade.

Election 2004 Humor

I love the Onion

Cheney Vows To Attack U.S. If Kerry Elected

(via Oliver Willis’s blog)

Election 2004

Stop-loss orders as a backdoor draft?

Sure sounds like it…

Christopher K Davis posted a very interesting discussion of this on rec.arts.sf.fandom.

At the last debate, I would have liked to hear a much stronger opposition to a possible draft from Kerry. Of course, Bush’s statement that (paraphrasing) “there will be no draft as long as I’m President” is worth no more than any of his other promises, given his record of lies.

Election 2004 Humor

NJDC Victory Fund Presents: Bubbie vs. The GOP

Bubbie strikes back.

Found on AmericaBlog

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Bush vs. Clinton, on the record…

You’ve probably seen the “Life then, life now” nostalgia lists.

Now there’s a “Clinton’s record, Bush’s record” list on John Aravosis’s blog. Some of it may be a little oversimplified, but if something ever really DESERVED to turn into a mass-forwarded email, this is it, and it’s effing awesome.

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The REAL Sturgeon’s Law

The REAL Sturgeon’s Law: This is effing awesome.

(From rec.arts.sf.fandom post by Morris M. Keesan)

Grad School News of the Weird Science/Tech Stuff

Good old Yankee ingenuity…

A site for bidding on coding projects can’t be that bad, can it?

Yes, it can, if the coding projects are for classes, as pointed out in an email sent out to my former research group at UCSC.

I can’t decide if this is ingenious of the students in question, or a sign that the end is nigh.

(Link sent out in an email from Darrell Long)

Election 2004

So THAT’s what he meant.

Apparantly, the Dred Scott reference wasn’t just a gaffe. I’ve seen or heard a couple of times now, including this morning’s “Al Franken Show” that the Dred Scott reference was a not-terribly subtle coded reference to the Pro-Life crowd, who’ve been equating abortion with slavery.

Ah well! Not quite so funny, in that context, although I still think it was a lame and poorly thought on statement.

In any case, if you needed another reason to dislike Bush, just remember the Supreme Court. Anyone want a pool on how many Supreme Court justices retire in the next four years?

Update/6:36pm : I know I’d seen this in a Blog as well — it was mentioned in Daily Kos over the weekend.

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Not the funniest thing I’ve seen, but…

Not the funniest thing I’ve seen, but it’s been quite a while since anyone has passed on a good “News of the Weird” link:
Can you believe someone was this stupid?

Thanks, Squirrel!