Funky six-degrees thing

The alumni association at Dartmouth College, where I attended as an undergrad, has set up a web application called “incircle” which lets alumni list their friends and then look up profiles, and see who their friends’ friends are. It’s interesting, as is the fact that it uses full middle names – it’s sort of odd seeing them for a lot of people who I knew in college but didn’t know their middle names.

In any case, if you’ve found my blog via the Dartmouth listings, hello and welcome and sorry that posts are so sporadic – we’re in a big deadline at work, and I just have not had the time to procrastinate that I usually do.

One thought on “Funky six-degrees thing”

  1. Just thought you would be interested to know that I DID find your blog from Dartmouth InCircle. And you are right – I thought it very interesting to see people’s middle names so prominently displayed. Hope you make your deadline.

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