It’s sorta depressing…

To realize just how much my brother is cooler than I am.

Then again, I’ve got my own blessings to count, but other than spending 10 years together with the best girlfriend and wife in the world (Hi Marie 🙂 ) I don’t think I could name 9 others things I’ve done that are coolinteresting enough to interest anyone elseexpect anyone else to want to read through them.

Addendum: Mearls refers to a “10 things I’ve Done and You Haven’t” meme – I guess it’s a LJ thing?

One thought on “It’s sorta depressing…”

  1. if it makes you feel any better, my list is not nearly as cool as stephan’s either….
    I didnt know you had a blog…. you big geek…
    Umm so am I…. but I can still call you a geek if I want to…..
    What do you mean have I ever LARPed…..
    I plead the fifth…
    I swear it was unintentional….I mean I walked into the middle of a gang of people….. I thought they were real vampires I swear…. i mean the hand gestures were a little silly….. Umm and I wear so much black anyway, it was a simple mistake…..
    Oy I am such a geek…..

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