First reaction to Episode 3

Just got back from Episode 3.

Someone on the Sigma Nu mailing list posted “What the FUCK was that?” and I sort of second that.

Some thoughts, though, after the break as there’s a minor spoiler or two:
– The first thing Anakin should have done after turning to the dark side was kill Padme’s hairdresser.
– I’m looking forward to the deleted scenes. There were too many things which seemed like they’d have made more sense if stuff that was in the novel and didn’t make it into the film were there.
– The initial space battle scene looked good at first glance, but went by too quickly. I’m looking forward to the DVD, although somewhat fearful that it was sped up so much because on closer examination it will be crap.
– Lucas continues to be unable to write a decent line of dialogue.
– (minor spoiler) There is a brief digital cameo by a dead actor. Watch for it.

Overall, I rate this about on par with Attack of the Clones; some significant improvements, but some major character lapses in judgement (even if they’re necessary to keep the series going) and Natalie Portman NOT looking like a nearly as much of a babe (leather corsets = good; fake pregnancy and dead-poodle hair: bad) mostly balance it out.

Oh, and to the guy who tried cut off a whole bunch of us on the escalators: your being in a rush because of the need for a nicotine fix is no excuse for being a dickhead, or for making threats when you’re called on it. Have fun with your future lung cancer.