My new toy…

I bought a new PocketPC/Phone device this weekend, and switched to Sprint:
PPC 6700 picture
PPC 6700 from Sprint

All-you-can-eat mobile IP access (email and web, mainly) is a very, very cool thing.

I still need a memory card for it (it’s got about 40mb of free storage on it’s own… *sigh* I remember when that would have seemed like a lot), and if I were *really* hardcore, I’d be posting this from it rather than my laptop. But hey, I’m getting there.

One thought on “My new toy…”

  1. when you are back here, i need to find a corner to talk to you about my plan to one day,
    not too far hence, to buy a computer… i think it may be time… havent had a new
    computer of my own since the mac in 91.

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