Argentine president to country: “Eat less beef”

Via MSNBC Argentine president to country: Eat less beef

As prices rise carnivores endanger Nestor Kirchner’s anti-inflation fight
Updated: 7:28 a.m. ET March 16, 2006
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Argentines rank among the world’s biggest meat-eaters. But President Nestor Kirchner has told his carnivorous compatriots it’s time to consume less if beef prices continue to rise and threaten his campaign against inflation.

But isn’t that like shunning the tango or telling a soccer-mad nation to skip the World Cup?

Somehow this reminds me of Shrubbo’s “addicted to oil” comment.

On an side note, I’ve wanted to visit Argentina for a while now, and the cuisine – including excellent, relatively affordable beef – is a big part of that.

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