“And I for one welcome our new insect overlords”

First, I am incredibly psyched on the national victories. House? Check, and at a greater margin that I would have expected. Senate? Technically still up in the air, but looking very positive.

Second, California sucks less than I thought last night. When I last checked before bed, it was looking like Republicans were going to take several key state offices, besides the Governators – in particular the Secretary of State’s. I’m very pleased to see today that the Dem (Bowen) has won that race, as well as a couple of others.

California still sucks, the CA Democratic party included – I can’t believe that our primary choices were both the worst of Sacramento machine pols, and between a DINO wannabe Republican like Westly, or a nearly nebbish moderate like Angelides at that.

At least Arnold (A) will be term-limited out for the 2010 election, and (B) can’t become president. But f___, four more years of the governator? Odds are I’ll be out of California before he’s out of office.

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