What is wrong with for-profit healthcare? The basic premise.

A great diary on the US health care problem on DailyKos: For-profit healthcare: The ultimate triumph of insanity
(I’m going to skip to the punchline)

Let me end by explaining what in Wall Street speak an “improved” medical-loss ratio means for you and me.

The medical-loss ratio is improved for them by cutting the amount of premium revenues spent on patient care for us. Every dollar that is spent on our healthcare goes against the bottom line. It is bad for Aetna and bad for Wall Street when money is spent on our healthcare.

To the for-profit insurance industry, are not human beings. We are losses. We are not Americans. We are not patients. We are not sick people. Your life and mine are losses.

This system is beyond redemption and beyond repair.

Go read the whole thing.

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