OK, I’ve read “Deathly hallows” (no spoilers but may be spoilers in comments)

Finished reading at a bit after midnight last night… since I started a bit after noon, and given about a three hour break for dinner “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” provided about 9 hours of solid entertainment. Not bad.

Overall, liked it. A very few bits reverted to the “whiny/angry Harry” of Order of the Phoenix (OotP/Book 5) but fortunately that part didn’t last TOO long. Solid action sequences, and a nice resolution although a few questions left unsanswered.

I’m going to keep the body of this spoiler free and add a few of the latter to a comment. If you have complaints about unanswered questions or other comments/reviews, please add them there 🙂

One thought on “OK, I’ve read “Deathly hallows” (no spoilers but may be spoilers in comments)”

  1. I thought the epilogue was interesting, but insufficient.
    1) What does Harry do with the rest of his life BESIDES marrying and raise some kids? Someone on alt.fan.harry-potter said the main point was to show what kind of person he’s grown into in the sense of his character, and they’re probably right, but can’t JKR throw us a bone even on that one?

    2) I thought there needed to be a bit more resolution/reunion with Ginny in the text, as what DID happen was about two lines of contemplation ENTIRELY IN HARRY’S HEAD. Un-satisfying.

    More to come, perhaps…

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