Chimpy speaks! (SotU 2008)

I’m not sure this counts as “liveblogging,” but I’m going to record a few thoughts as I go.

I’ve missed a couple of these, but wanted to see how badly Bush humiliates himself in waffling about the current state of the economy.

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Sparing you folks on the front page…

6:03 – still waiting for Chimpy to show up.
6:05 – Chimpy shows up.
6:08 – Three minutes of annoying narration (I’m viewing in HD on CBS) while excessive handshaking occurs. Introduction of the president and a worthless standing ovation.
6:09 – He can use big words like “rostrum.”
6:10 – Blah. Blah. Blah. Bypartisanism.
6:12 – “Our economy faces a period of uncertainty.” No shit there’s a concern about our economic future. “We can all see that growth is slowing.”
6:13 – Don’t “delay or derail” the stimulus bill.
6:14 – “I’m pleased to report that the IRS accepts both checks and money orders.”
6:15 – “Make the tax relief permanent.” Ah, spin. Not tax “cuts” (for the wealthy) but “relief” as if they were hemorrhoids.
6:16 – The old “wasteful programs” canard. Balanced budget by the NEXT presidential election. Earmarks. Gonna veto them if the number and cost isn’t down 50%. Guess he expects them all to be for Texas.
6:18 – “We share a common goal, making healthcare more accessible and more affordable for all Americans.” … “expanding consumer choice” … of which big health insurer takes your money and then drops you?
6:19 – “End the bias in the tax code” against those getting health insurance through work. Fair, if it’s a better tax deduction for those getting individual insurance (ignoring the crap insurance you can get), crap if it’s taxing employer provided insurance. “Epidemic of junk medical lawsuits.” (*cough* bullshit)
6:20 – A *lot* of people can and do deny NCLB’s results. Not to mention that it’s STILL an unfunded mandate.
6:21 – w00t! Bush likes “faith based” schools and vouchers. “Pell grants for kids.” “trapped in failing public schools” – made failing by artificial benchmarks and a lack of support.
6:22 – Rah-rah free trade! Rah-rah “Made in the USA!” If you don’t pass free trade with Colombia, Hugo Chavez wins!
6:24 – Energy security, roughly “must trust in scientists and engineers.” Does he believe he has any credibility on this? Supports carbon sequestration from coal plants, and nuclear power. Sorry, “emissions free nukular power.”

Had to pause… no more timestamps until I can catch up on the PVR on the stupid applause.

* Continue leading the way to cleaner technology… what about Detroit? How many years or decades are we behind Japan and Europe?

* What is this “American Competitiveness Initiative” he’s claiming Congress didn’t fund?

* “Life and Science” – gonna be complaining about stem cells? Yup. Reprogramming skin cells, “without destroying human life.”

Cheney looks very zoned out.

* Asking for legislation which “bans unethical practices such as the buying selling patenting or cloning of human life”

* Need strict constructionist judges. “Rule by the letter of the law, not the whim of the gavel.” Asking for the “prompt up or down vote.”

* “Faith based groups” … gah.

* “Entitlement spending and immigration” – “social security, medicare and medicaid” growing faster than we can afford. Paraphrasing: ‘You didn’t like my proposals, where are yours?

* Immigration. Need a guest worker program. (What does that have to do with securing the border?) Odd that he’s a moderate on this one point.

* Enemies abroad. “Stirring moments in the history of liberty.” Implying that Lebanon wasn’t independent.

* “Horrific images” – fear! fear! fear! “Terrorists” “evil men.” Finally mentions 9/11. “We will stay on the offense.” Terrorists.

* Afghanistan. Iraq – “the surge” – claims it’s working. The “Anbar Awakening” Surge is working. Applause with someone yelling “hoorah.” Support the troops. To congress: “fully [fund] our troops.” Some draw-down (total of 20,000) of surge forces. Don’t pull more troops – could cause Iraqi forces disintegrate, terrorists win, etc – talking to next year’s candidates?

* “We will not rest until this enemy has been defeated.”

* “The Holy Land” – hello? Rah-rah Abbas and Olmert.

* Iran. It’s all Iran’s fault. Fear the Iranian ballistic missiles and uranium enrichment “which could be used to create a nukular weapons.” Won’t open discussions without suspension of enrichment. “Will defend our vital interests in the persian gulf.”
** Dialed back rhetoric? Sounds like a no.

* “Fear!” 9/11 again. Stopped numerous attacks – but the two he mentioned were very old news. “Thank the spooks!” Is he about to mention FISA?

* “Owe them the tools to keep our people safe” – yup, here comes FISA. Expiring 2/1. “If you don’t act by Friday, we’re all gonna be in danger.” MUST pass liability protection for spying companies (retroactive immunity.)

* Addressing causes of terrorism? “America opposes genocide in Sudan.” Supports freedom in Cuba, Zimbabwe, Belarus and Burma. “Millenium challenge account” – what is it? – wants it fully funded. Food assistance – purchase from farmers in the developing world. Malaria. AIDS relief – additional $30 billion over next 5 years.

* Increase funding for veterans benefits (how the f___ does he plan to pay for all this with making his tax cuts permanent????) … reform VA. How many people has he screwed on this already? NO credibility.

* Benefits for military families and spouses. More nice words about the military. Typical chimp smirk…

* Constitution vs. Articles of Confederation. “Trusting the people” – this from Mr. Police State? “The state of our union will remain strong.”

* “Let us set forth to do their business. God bless America.”

Switching to MSNBC (and thus Olberman’s commentary.)

Via Chris Matthews: 5 American troops died today in Iraq. Points re: the “protective overwatch mission” which I missed above.

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