Ok, there hasn’t been much political discussion this time around, mostly because I’m getting most of my political news via the same half-dozen Democratic blogs that you probably are. This time, though, I had to comment on McCain’s VP choice… not because I either approve or disapprove but rather because a meme that popped up around her was just too amusing.

And that’s the subject line of the title: “VPILF,” which is the latest spin off of “MILF”… now, if you have been sitting under a rock since “American Pie” came out, “MILF” means “Mother I’d like to (expletive deleted)” … and well, VP for Vice President.

To an extent, Gov. Palin is on the younger side and has courted a “sexy” image in the press (see for example, her appearance in Vogue), but… what does this say about how seriously she’s going to be taken on the stump?

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