A good day for cooking.

Made macaroni and cheese for dinner today; have never been able to successfully make a smaller, “limited leftovers” version without it either growing to a larger portion or turning into a disaster, but I got it right today… Great way to use some otherwise over-sharp, slightly bitter Edam. Add pecorino and a sharp vt. cheddar, and … yum. About a Wonder if Nadia will like the leftovers tomorrow.

The proportions, just so I don’t forget:

2 tbsp (less 1/2 tsp) flour
1/2 tsp arrowroot
about 2 tbps butter

1 1/4 cup whole milk (90 sec in microwave, almost boiling, probably should be slightly more next time)

2 1/2 cups cheese (about 1/3 lb each cheddar/Edam, not nearly as much pecorino), of which all but about 1/2 cup gets melted in

1/2 tsp sodium citrate
black pepper

just over 1 cup shells (could have been slightly more)