“I do have a cause, though. It is obscenity. I’m for it.”

from GOP’s Red Light District at Oliver Willis’s Blog:

The right is investing massive amounts of money in a growth industry. Hardcore porn. How much did Jenna Jameson contribute to the Bush war chest?

linking to the not-quite-so juicy:
Will the “Moral Values” GOP Refund the Money?

The Republican Party likes to call itself the party of “moral values.” So the question is, will it return the tens of thousands of dollars it has pocketed from companies that air pornography?

As reported by the LA Times today, “Adelphia Communications Corp. has quietly become the nation’s only leading cable operator to offer the most explicit category of hard-core porn.”

According to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, Adelphia gives the overwhelming amount of its financial support to Republicans, the party of “moral values.”

Which in turn links to GOP Corporate Donors Cash In on Smut

Shill time: Quote in subject from patter before “Smut” by Tom Lehrer, a very funny song which can be found on his album That Was the Year That WasThat Was the Year That Was