Three (oops Five!) TV serieses I really want on DVD…

  1. “The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.”: Bruce Campbell, in one of his funniest roles, and what the Wild Wild West movie could have been, even if Kenneth Branagh was cool as the villain.
  2. “Voyagers”: Early 1980s time travel TV show. Probably in retrospect not as cool as “Quantum Leap,” but one is less demanding at age 7 than at age 14 I suppose, and the “Titanic” episode is stuck in my memory.
  3. “Dungeons & Dragons”: My favorite game as a kid, turned to one of my all time favorite cartoons. Shlocky, and simultaneously dumb and intelligent. (Actually, this one IS on DVD, but last I checked only in the UK… UPDATE Sep. 2005: Marie bought the UK Region 2 DVD box set when we were in England a few months ago,)

And how could I forget “War of the Worlds”, and”Friday the 13th”, both late 80s shows I watched when I finally started staying up late? Both vaguely science-fictiony, and at least in the case of War of the Worlds, there was something of a story arc as well.

Given the riches of recent TV re-releases on DVD(Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - The Complete Series,Land of the Lost - The Complete First Season,Quantum Leap - The Complete First Season, etc…) perhaps I’ll get to see these again after all. Do they ever live up to memory? Perhaps not, but I still want to see them again.

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