Downtime and administrivia…

Web server was down from 10PM last night to 5PM or so today. Mea cupla, and I’ll try not to let it happen again.

Also, in case regular readers may not have noticed, no longer points directly here, and instead has a brief directory and the note:

If you’ve come looking for Nate’s Blog, the correct address is

Feel free to click on either of these links to go there now. There are some hacks to enable permalinks to continue working, but these (and this message) will be going away. The old “official” address ( is now being redirected to the correct one, and while this redirection is permanent you are encouraged to update any links or bookmarks.

I’ll maintain the links as long as it’s practical to do so, but please update your bookmarks/favorites. If and when I ever get enough readers that it gets impractical to keep hosting this on a DSL line, I’ll probably have to make some compromises and the links may not remain practical.

“Cheese it, the fuzz!”

Whatever happened to Joe Berger? OK, that question won’t mean much to those who aren’t familiar with my fraternity, but this week the Weekly World News brings you “HOW TO TELL IF YOUR PROSTITUTE IS AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL (all caps theirs.)

A sample, out of their list of ten:

2. Out-of-date lingo — Alien prostitutes try to fit in by using streetwalker slang — but often use outdated terms. A hooker who sees a police car and whispers, “Cheese it, the fuzz!” likely hails from deep space.

Funky six-degrees thing

The alumni association at Dartmouth College, where I attended as an undergrad, has set up a web application called “incircle” which lets alumni list their friends and then look up profiles, and see who their friends’ friends are. It’s interesting, as is the fact that it uses full middle names – it’s sort of odd seeing them for a lot of people who I knew in college but didn’t know their middle names.

In any case, if you’ve found my blog via the Dartmouth listings, hello and welcome and sorry that posts are so sporadic – we’re in a big deadline at work, and I just have not had the time to procrastinate that I usually do.

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