“Cubicles: The great mistake”

Ok, breaking the streak of this having NOTHING to do with Cubicles, we get (via Google “What’s Hot” and Technorati)… Cubicles: The great mistake Even the designer of the cubicle thinks they were maybe a bad idea, as millions of ‘Dilberts’ would agree. By Julie Schlosser, FORTUNE Magazine March 22, 2006: 2:03 PM EST NEW… Continue reading “Cubicles: The great mistake”

The “Perils” of Progress…

Tempest in a D-cup as bust sizes grow BEIJING (Reuters) – Bra producers have been forced to offer bigger cup-sizes in China because improved nutrition is busting all previous chest measurement records. “It’s so different from the past when most young women would wear A- or B-cup bras,” Triumph brand saleswoman Zhang Jing told the… Continue reading The “Perils” of Progress…


That’s a very long day-and-a-half of moving done with, and I am about to be headed to sleep in my new apartment… I’ll miss San Francisco, but I’m not far away (Foster City, about ~25 minutes South along 101,) and being able to once again get to work on Scooty-Puff Jr. in 10 minutes rather… Continue reading Moved!

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Hotlinked images…

Wondering why you see this message? It’s because I’ve hit a problem lately with people hotlinking to this site. Most of the cute images you see here on the blog are redistributable things of questionable ownership to begin with, so do feel free to copy them. But when I say “copy” that means do a… Continue reading Hotlinked images…

For the “unintentionally humorous headlines file”

New rings found around Uranus WASHINGTON (AP) — Two outer rings, one red, the other blue, have been observed around the distant planet Uranus. While Uranus had been known to have inner rings of neutral color, the newly discovered outer rings show color contrasts that researchers think are caused by light reflected off particles that… Continue reading For the “unintentionally humorous headlines file”

“We can rebuild him. We have the technology.”

Doctors grow organs from patients’ own cells Seven living with bladders from new process […]Scientists grew new bladders from the patients’ own cells, which were then transplanted back into the patients’ bodies. Cool. Once again, the future is now… all I want to know is when they going to be able to make some lab-grown… Continue reading “We can rebuild him. We have the technology.”