I’m simultaneously appalled and amused…

MSNBC has a section on “Animal Peculiarity“.
I found “Man bites panda in Beijing zoo as retribution” via their front page, which in turn led to that section. (I’m resisting the urge to file this under “morons” – my point is on the section, not on the Chinese fellow who wanted to pet a panda.)

It also features such wonderful headlines as: “He done her chicken wrong … allegedly” and “Never hug a Swiss cow, hikers told


In other potentially tasty but equally trivial news, McDonald’s considers selling breakfast all day. I for one would quite enjoy being able to get a Big Breakfast (eggs, sausage patty, and biscuit) for lunch.

In Today’s News: Thailand?

Plenty of news out of Thailand, none of what is making it to the states agreeing with each other about what is exactly happening. There is a state of emergency, and rumors of a possible coup attempt.

The web sites for Bangkok’s two English-language papers, the Bangkok Post and the Nation have been nearly uselessly slow this morning.

Interesting times!

In Today’s News: On the Lighter Side

World’s first hypo-allergenic cat

Sept. 18 – There’s a new solution for cat lovers allergic to cats.

San Diego based company Allerca says it has successfully produced the world’s first hypoallergenic cat, something that could allow allergic pet lovers to enjoy cats again.

Paivthra George reports.

SOUNDBITE: Stephen May, Allerca Spokesperson

Bush vs. the Bill of Rights

In an article on MSNBC, Senate committee rejects Bush anti-terror plan

The president’s measure would go further than the Senate package in allowing classified evidence to be withheld from defendants in terror trials, using coerced testimony and protecting U.S. interrogators against prosecution for using methods that violate the Geneva Conventions.

Lovely. Does anyone yet doubt Bush is a fascist at heart?

“Salon sums it up.”

Via Troy, on DBA:

How bad is he?

Bush ran as a moderate, tacked right and governed ineffectually — before 9/11. Since then he’s become the most radical American president in history — and arguably the worst.

Editor’s note: Following is the introduction to Sidney Blumenthal’s new book, “How Bush Rules: Chronicles of a Radical Regime,” recently published by the Princeton University Press.

By Sidney Blumenthal

No one predicted just how radical a president George W. Bush would be. Neither his opponents, nor the reporters covering him, nor his closest campaign aides suggested that he would be the most willfully radical president in American history.

In his 2000 campaign, Bush permitted himself few hints of radicalism. On the contrary he made ready promises of moderation, judiciously offering himself as a “compassionate conservative,” an identity carefully crafted to contrast with the discredited Republican radicals of the House of Representatives. After capturing the Congress in 1994 and proclaiming a “revolution,” they had twice shut down the government over the budget and staged an impeachment trial that resulted in the acquittal of President Clinton. Seeking to distance himself from the congressional Republicans, Bush declared that he was not hostile to government. He would, he said, “change the tone in Washington.” He would be more reasonable than the House Republicans and more moral than Clinton. Governor Bush went out of his way to point to his record of bipartisan cooperation with Democrats in Texas, stressing that he would be “a uniter, not a divider.”

The article non-free but visible behind the ad at Salon’s site and is well worth a read.

Andy’s back!

Via MyDD:

Electoral-Vote.com which preoccupied many of us during the 2004 campaign, has now released their 2006 Senate page. I know I will be checking in a couple of times every day.

It certainly was one of my favorite sites in the run-up to the 2004 election, and it’s run by a well-known computer science professor.

Side note: more content coming, I promise.

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