Making pizzas very seriously

Jeff Varasano’s Famous New York Pizza Recipe Actually, that’s more like NY-Neapolitan, as this old-school stuff is not what most NYers know as pizza. NY pizza comes from neighborhood places and is in “plain” not “margarita”; real NY Pizza is best served as a reheated slice from a large pie, not fresh and ABSOLUTELY not… Continue reading Making pizzas very seriously

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Daily Roundup, tragic.

Tragic first – we need a real national health system to help prevent crap like this: When staying alive means going bankrupt LOMPOC, Calif. – Kathleen Aldrich, financially ruined by two bouts with ovarian cancer, is not who you might assume she is. She raised three kids as a single mom. She worked hard for… Continue reading Daily Roundup, tragic.

Someone with a web server and a sense of humor… runs on a Commodore 64 Online retailing can be a rough sport. The competition is rabid, customer loyalty is fickle, and IT expenses can go through the roof. That’s why The Register can appreciate an e-tailer with a unique business model. A hawk-eyed El Reg reader points out that UK online retailer appears… Continue reading Someone with a web server and a sense of humor…