Making pizzas very seriously

Jeff Varasano’s Famous New York Pizza Recipe

Actually, that’s more like NY-Neapolitan, as this old-school stuff is not what most NYers know as pizza. NY pizza comes from neighborhood places and is in “plain” not “margarita”; real NY Pizza is best served as a reheated slice from a large pie, not fresh and ABSOLUTELY not as a personal-sized pie of any sort.

The other stuff is yummy in it’s own way, though, just as Chicago-style or New England-style deep dishes can be. And getting back to the web page I linked to, the author seems to be VERY comprehensive about his directions, so I’ll be curious to try adapting it to my own taste.

Daily Roundup, funny.

OK, and now for something a little lighter:

Tom and Ray Take on Cars and Dating

As part of our ongoing effort to help you understand what statement your date is trying to make with his or her car, we asked Tom and Ray of Car Talk to give their take on these cars. Here’s what they said.

Date Cars Driven by Men
Hummer H2: “You mean there are people in the world other than me?” Self-centered poser.
Dodge Grand Caravan: “Have I told you about my other family?” Somewhere, this guy has at least three or four kids you haven’t seen.

Date Cars Driven by Women
Ford F-250: “I like horses.” Warning: Horses are expensive, and you compare poorly to a stallion.
Porsche Boxster S: “I am extremely high maintenance. You should see my jewelry budget.”

[…] elisions mine, just sharing a few favorites there.

For the H2, they didn’t take the obvious line about a man compensating for the size of his equipment; I’m not sure if I’m disappointed they missed such an obvious one, or if it would have been a cheap shot.

They also have links to the blogs on similar stereotypes.

Daily Roundup, tragic.

Tragic first – we need a real national health system to help prevent crap like this:
When staying alive means going bankrupt

LOMPOC, Calif. – Kathleen Aldrich, financially ruined by two bouts with ovarian cancer, is not who you might assume she is.

She raised three kids as a single mom. She worked hard for years. She had good jobs. She paid her bills. She lived in a nice house and drove a nice car. She had a decent credit rating. She had health insurance.

Now she has a record of bankruptcy and is the embodiment of the fear that nags at millions of U.S. families: that they are but one medical calamity away from losing everything. Like Aldrich, they — and perhaps you — could be.

The meat of the story isn’t captured by the intro though – to sum up, basically, she got screwed over by the combination of insurance companies and doctors not coordinating well, and by switching insurance during treatment. I’m reminded of my own “unpaid medical bill” situation, where the *bleep*ing hospital in Colorado, and (slightly less *bleeping*) HIP were unwilling to talk to get the bill paid. Much smaller bill, but the hospital was still in essentially the same position of throwing the bill to collections and refusing to deal with it.

Someone with a web server and a sense of humor… runs on a Commodore 64

Online retailing can be a rough sport. The competition is rabid, customer loyalty is fickle, and IT expenses can go through the roof.

That’s why The Register can appreciate an e-tailer with a unique business model.

A hawk-eyed El Reg reader points out that UK online retailer appears to be cutting costs by running its site on servers dating back to the late Cretaceous period – roughly speaking. According to internet monitoring company Netcraft, the e-tailer has bypassed run-of-the-mill legacy servers for some serious heirlooms.


Next, you’ll find not one but two Commodore 64s. The Commodore debuted in 1982 with 64KB RAM, a 1.02MHz MOS Technology 6510 processor, and a 16-color, 320×200 resolution monitor. Not to mention a creamy BASIC 2.0 operating system.

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