I want my solar-powered Zeppelin!

Solar Energy Cheaper than Coal? That new technique involves using a device very much like an ink-jet printer to lay down the components of a photovoltaic cell onto a thin sheet of aluminum. The cells are much thinner, lighter, and much less fragile than older silicon cells. The result is solar energy that is expected… Continue reading I want my solar-powered Zeppelin!

How to make bacon

Makin Bacon my sisters got me a book on home meat-curing for my birthday, the simply, yet fancily-named Charcuterie. Beyond its appeal as a potential source of deliciousness, the book is stuffed full of great pencil drawings of one of my favorite subjects: meat preparation. Sausage, Prosciutto, Jamon Serrano, Saucisson Sec, and that staple of… Continue reading How to make bacon

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Thoughts on today’s Iowa NPR Democratic debate

I listened to most of the NPR Iowa debate, although I missed about the first 15 minutes. With the exception of Clinton, it was overall a good performance for those credible candidates there. Clinton came off as a bit too rightist and belligerent, and I was disappointed that Richardson was not there. Of the rest,… Continue reading Thoughts on today’s Iowa NPR Democratic debate