Grrr… downtime.

I have zero idea how long the blog has been down; I may have to set up a script to mail me if it goes down again — being that as it may, it wasn’t software; the server was quite visible here in the apartment, and the address stayed up… it was a DNS problem.

If this means nothing to you, don’t sweat it. We’re back now, and should remain up and running until, well, something else goes wrong. I’m sort of tempted to see about moving the blog to a real hosting provider, but since nobody really reads this anyway, well, I like the geek factor of running my own server. It just has its downsides, as we’ve just seen.

One thought on “Grrr… downtime.”

  1. Yeah, I noticed it was down, but was too lazy to send you an email. PS — That’s why you should store your own bookmarks etc on the server. That way you always know its up since you’re using it daily yourself 🙂
    (Works for me!)

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