Fanfic I’d like to see

OK, there are a few fanfic stories I’d really like to read. Perhaps I’ll get to writing one someday; more likely not.

Two alternate versions of Harry Turtledove’s Lizards/Worldwar books:
1) “Fleetlord Atvar and the Cuban Missile Crisis”
2) Lizards arrive in 2021, as described/implied in John Birmingham’s Axis of Time Trilogy

Harry Potter:
1) Book 7 ends with Harry and Voldemort, the way Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards ended
2) An alternate universe where Harry joined Slytherin house

There are some others I’m forgetting now, perhaps I’ll update this later

2 thoughts on “Fanfic I’d like to see”

  1. Bakshi’s “Wizards”? – is that the one where the Fearless Hero pulls out a Luger and
    shoots the other guy? That was a bummer of an ending – I wanted to pull out my own
    Luger and shoot Bakshi after that one!

    Harry Potter joining Slytherin? HP goes over to The Dark Side? Interesting concept
    – and Rowling could get another series out of it, if the kiddikins didn’t lynch her
    for it. Imagine all the p.r. it would get when the Fascio-Christians went ballistic
    over it! Of course, if Harry and Voldemort were on the same side, who would be
    FININSHED HP6.} Dumbledore would have been a worthy opponent of the Darkside Harry,
    but. . .

  2. Yep, Byron… that’s Wizards, and that’s what I had in mind… Voldemort has Harry, asks for last words, then Harry says something snarky and blows Dumbledore away with a muggle firearm. And, personally, I loved the ending. It was a bizarrely appropriate, for a very weird movie to begin with.

    As for Harry in Slytherin, I can see too possibilities – one, that Harry stayed essentially good, merely just got encouraged to be more ambitious and unscrupulous as a good character – think more Dirty Harry than his present Mr. Clean (oK, so he’s not Dudlet Do-Right, but…) and that was more what I had in mind… Harry vs. Lord V, but more bare knuckles.

    Alternatively, there’s evil Harry like you suggest… though I don’t see him as being on the same side as Lord Voldemort – after all, there can be only one Dark Lord, and while Lucius Malfoy may be content to be a Death Eater in the Dark Lord’s shadow, I don’t see an evil Harry – especially one embracing the Slytherin house qualities – being willing to be in anyone’s shadow.

    Either way, I think the Harry/Draco dominance struggle would have been potentially a lot more interesting than their inter-house clashes and Harry and Ron’s Beavis and Butthead act. And in the long run, I think either Draco would have ended up a lot less pathetic by book 6 than he was, or more likely he’d be pretty much Harry’s personal lackey. My bet is on the latter.

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