Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Is out… although my copy won’t be here until later today (/tomorrow, subjective to sleep time)… and in light of my earlier suggestion for Harry Potter fanfic (“Book 7 ends with Harry and Voldemort, the way Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards ended”) here’s a youtube clip out of Wizards.

Catch it quick, as I don’t plan to leave this up indefinitely.

In other reading this month, I’ve read “The Disunited States of America” by Harry Turtledove, the latest softcover in his Crosstime Traffic series (#4 in the series; 5 is out in hardback, but I’m not quite that addicted to those, unlike one of his others) and have “Settling Accounts: In At The Death” also by Turtledove (said other series) and Michael Stackpole’s “A New World” (last in his Age of Discover trilogy) coming in the next 10 or so days, and then the softback of the latest (last?) Honor Harrington novel (“At All Costs”) comes out in Sept I think so overall it is being a good period for my reading.

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