Inside baseball, Linux edition

I love the title of this article: “ ¿Por qué SystemD es una mierda? Too tired tonight to read the whole thing in Spanish — I’ll feel dumb if the implications of the title aren’t their point — but wanted to share somewhere. Disabling the FB/Twitter publicize for this one for obvious reasons if you… Continue reading Inside baseball, Linux edition

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Saw this, and thought of Robot Chicken

“Real” Life: Mitt Romney expects to be ‘beaten but unbowed’ after Evander Holyfield bout Mitt Romney and Evander Holyfield weighed in for their charity boxing match on Thursday night, with the former Massachusetts governor predicting a similar outcome to that of the 2012 presidential election, which he lost to Barack Obama. Robot Chicken: The World’s… Continue reading Saw this, and thought of Robot Chicken

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[Flashback] Star Wars, the Matrix, and a FB rant good enough to save

This guy is dead wrong… ran into this article a year ago, and posted the following comments on FB: How ‘Star Wars’ ruined sci-fi The six “Star Wars” films have been enormous successes: they have grossed over $2 billion domestically at the box office, spawned scores of books, comic books and merchandise (how many kids… Continue reading [Flashback] Star Wars, the Matrix, and a FB rant good enough to save

A fascinating article on evolution.

On the PLOS blog (found via Medium) there was a really interesting post discussing the intersection of environmental conditions and genetics, and their impact on human evolution. The title may be either off-putting or funny to some, but it’s worth a read both on general interest or to those who have a particular interest in… Continue reading A fascinating article on evolution.

A confusion of Churchills…

Apropos of nothing, but awesome in a “I didn’t know that” sort of way: This is nice. In 1899, Winston Churchill was 25, an aspiring politician, and the author of a couple of books. He was not, however, the most famous Winston Churchill around. That was the now largely forgotten, but at the time… Continue reading A confusion of Churchills…

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Fun with Gentoo

Nightly auto-upgrades are great, except when they aren’t. In this case, going from app-misc/screen-4.0.3-r7 to app-misc/screen-4.2.1-r2 changed the default SCREENDIR from /run/screen to /tmp/screen. Normally wouldn’t care, but I had running screen sessions and couldn’t get in; oops! Only realized about the SCREENDIR variable after I’d already downgraded back to 4.0.3-r7.

And on a lighter note…

Submitted without comment: LA porn production plummets in wake of mandatory condom law Number of permits issued for adult films plunges as industry says producers have moved to Las Vegas and eastern Europe Pornography production in Los Angeles appears to have plunged in the wake of a law which compels performers to use condoms. The… Continue reading And on a lighter note…

What I was doing at age 18

I recently realized that a very important aspect of what I have done for the past year in my day job is echoing how I got started in my career. That is, I spent a bunch of time last year and this year justifying a large technical project — in writing for a less-technical audience… Continue reading What I was doing at age 18

Some stories just ask “share me here”

US student is rescued from giant vagina sculpture in Germany On Friday afternoon, a young American in Tübingen had to be rescued by 22 firefighters after getting trapped inside a giant sculpture of a vagina. The Chacán-Pi (Making Love) artwork by the Peruvian artist Fernando de la Jara has been outside Tübingen University’s institute for… Continue reading Some stories just ask “share me here”

Parts from my old (failed) attempt to build a small computer

Finally inventoried the parts after years in storage. Lot of chips, though nothing that rare or interesting. Somewhere I have the schematics I designed. Will scan them when I find them. I doubt it really would have worked, and I never got an EPROM programmer working. Very tempted to try to figure out how to… Continue reading Parts from my old (failed) attempt to build a small computer

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A good day for cooking.

Made macaroni and cheese for dinner today; have never been able to successfully make a smaller, “limited leftovers” version without it either growing to a larger portion or turning into a disaster, but I got it right today… Great way to use some otherwise over-sharp, slightly bitter Edam. Add pecorino and a sharp vt. cheddar,… Continue reading A good day for cooking.

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