Three (oops Five!) TV serieses I really want on DVD…

  1. “The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.”: Bruce Campbell, in one of his funniest roles, and what the Wild Wild West movie could have been, even if Kenneth Branagh was cool as the villain.
  2. “Voyagers”: Early 1980s time travel TV show. Probably in retrospect not as cool as “Quantum Leap,” but one is less demanding at age 7 than at age 14 I suppose, and the “Titanic” episode is stuck in my memory.
  3. “Dungeons & Dragons”: My favorite game as a kid, turned to one of my all time favorite cartoons. Shlocky, and simultaneously dumb and intelligent. (Actually, this one IS on DVD, but last I checked only in the UK… UPDATE Sep. 2005: Marie bought the UK Region 2 DVD box set when we were in England a few months ago,)

And how could I forget “War of the Worlds”, and”Friday the 13th”, both late 80s shows I watched when I finally started staying up late? Both vaguely science-fictiony, and at least in the case of War of the Worlds, there was something of a story arc as well.

Given the riches of recent TV re-releases on DVD(Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - The Complete Series,Land of the Lost - The Complete First Season,Quantum Leap - The Complete First Season, etc…) perhaps I’ll get to see these again after all. Do they ever live up to memory? Perhaps not, but I still want to see them again.

Can we call it GannonGate yet?

From AMERICAblog:

Has Jeff Gannon told Peter Fitzgerald all he knows about the Plame affair? If you’d like to “spread the word” on the Gannon story to help encourage the Prosecutor’s office to give Jeff a call, put a link to it on your Web site.

The more links, the more likely Google is to pick it up in their Google News. The more news coverage of this story, the closer we are to getting to the bottom of the Plame crime.

Note also warning regarding the linked article:

WARNING: A number of the links in this story are to x-rated photographs, and some of those might prove shocking to some people. Please exercise your own discretion when clicking. (And, as you read, please forgive the necessary typos – I’m going for rock-solid facts, rather than spelling.)

“What about a catapult?”

From a post on a post of RASF.written:

The idea:

The execution:

I think this all started from a discussion some geeks were having on I have nothing to do with it, just thinks its pretty
good work.

They come in threes.

So I hear that Ossie Davis and Max Schmeling passed away on the radio this morning. And apparantly, John Vernon Dean Wormer from “Animal House” also just died.

Aside from the eerie coincidence that “they come in threes” actually applied this time without much of a stretch, it’s a sad loss of some quality talent.

“I do have a cause, though. It is obscenity. I’m for it.”

from GOP’s Red Light District at Oliver Willis’s Blog:

The right is investing massive amounts of money in a growth industry. Hardcore porn. How much did Jenna Jameson contribute to the Bush war chest?

linking to the not-quite-so juicy:
Will the “Moral Values” GOP Refund the Money?

The Republican Party likes to call itself the party of “moral values.” So the question is, will it return the tens of thousands of dollars it has pocketed from companies that air pornography?

As reported by the LA Times today, “Adelphia Communications Corp. has quietly become the nation’s only leading cable operator to offer the most explicit category of hard-core porn.”

According to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, Adelphia gives the overwhelming amount of its financial support to Republicans, the party of “moral values.”

Which in turn links to GOP Corporate Donors Cash In on Smut

Shill time: Quote in subject from patter before “Smut” by Tom Lehrer, a very funny song which can be found on his album That Was the Year That WasThat Was the Year That Was

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