An “Arnold Republican” = a “Gore Democrat”???

I don’t buy this rehabilitation of the Governator, but via DailyKos we get this quote from Meet The Press

MR. RUSSERT: What’s an Arnold Republican?

GOV. SCHWARZENEGGER: Well, it’s basically being fiscally conservative, being socially moderate and you know, being environmentally progressive

Which is pretty much where I see Gore. Not that he seems to be running in 2008 any more than Schwarzenegger can, but… *lol* …let’s face it, while I *am* a Gore fan it’s for gravitas that’s otherwise lacking in the Democratic field, and for his single-issue leadership on environmental issues.

It would be great to see someone with a more broadly progressive line, and the chops to be a president. Heck, it would be great to see one of the more experienced 2008 contenders take a strong progressive line on a single issue.

Woof? or Baaaa? or time to check Snopes?

Dog-sheep swap scam or sham?

By staff writers
April 27, 2007 12:30pm

Sheep sold as poodles in scam, report claims
Couple alarmed to learn their dog had hooves
Killjoy bloggers say yarn is just an urban myth

THOUSANDS of Japanese pet owners were swindled into buying half-price “poodles” that were actually sheep, it was reported today.

It wasn’t until a film star appeared on a talk-show program and wondered why her new poodle wouldn’t bark that the swindle was uncovered, the story said.

Morons of DRM

iPod, iTunes Cited in Cease and Desist For Apple

Accordingly, MRT has filed Cease and Desist letters against Apple, Microsoft, Adobe and Real to stop production or sale of products that infringe on the DMCA.

MRT’s X1 SeCure Recording Control has proven effective against stream ripping, the company said in a statement, and these companies have been “actively avoiding the use of MRT’s technologies.”

“Buy our technology or we’ll sue you.” Bunch of right wankers!

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