No longer just an urban legend?

Police hunt for doctor in kidney-snatching ring Shakil, a 28-year-old recovering from a transplant in a Gurgaon hospital, winced as he described how his kidney was forcibly removed. “Two armed guards took me to another room. They took blood samples … forced me onto a stretcher and then they gave me an injection,” he said.… Continue reading No longer just an urban legend?

Chimpy speaks! (SotU 2008)

I’m not sure this counts as “liveblogging,” but I’m going to record a few thoughts as I go. I’ve missed a couple of these, but wanted to see how badly Bush humiliates himself in waffling about the current state of the economy. See also other coverage on: * MyDD * AMERICAblog * Also some comments… Continue reading Chimpy speaks! (SotU 2008)

That’ll show ’em!

…or not. But points for creativity either way: Fed up with jet noise, couple raise the roof ARMED with white roof sealant and three choice words, a Ridley Township couple has bypassed bureaucracy and taken their grievances straight to the top – of their roof – in letters 7 feet tall: “F_ck U F.A.A.” Via… Continue reading That’ll show ’em!

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Sydney trip photos

From Australia, Sept. 2001 Went right before the Olympics. Most of my photos there were purely on film; one roll didn’t get developed in timely manner, and when I finally got it developed (2006!) it was cheap to get scanned copies as well. So here you go!

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