Two interesting things today…

For lack of a better place to write about them: 1) As I was scootering on Hillsdale between Edgewater and El Camino a helicopter went coverhead. This, in itself is not that unusual; we get traffic, police and occasionally executive helicopters a lot – Hillsdale is between (probably roughly halfway, in fact) between SFO and… Continue reading Two interesting things today…

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An interesting night…

First, I discover this afternoon that my server has rebooted on an older Kernel and the SATA drives aren’t being recognized. No wonder it’s going so slow; the RAID is running in degraded mode (not inherently slower for RAID0/mirroring, but in practice it’s going to mean that the system does everything much more carefully wrt… Continue reading An interesting night…

30 Things You’d Never Think to Ask (Another silly blogmeme…)

This one from Gareth’s LJ (it’s long, sorry): 30 Things You’d Never Think to Ask 1. Have you ever been searched by the cops? Nope, nor ever arrested. Stopped in traffic a few times, usually for something boneheaded whether I got a ticket or not. 2. Do you close your eyes on roller coaster? Usually.… Continue reading 30 Things You’d Never Think to Ask (Another silly blogmeme…)

I biked to work, once. (so far?)

Have you ever seen the film “Johnny Dangerously”? Not a tremendous film, but a funny one… and the villain in it has this schtick where if someone does something that angers him he says, “You better not [whatever] me, [whoever]! My [family member] [whatever]ed me! …once!” Right now my back/legs/lungs are telling me “You better… Continue reading I biked to work, once. (so far?)

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Hybrid storage to hit the mass market…

While the news that Samsung announces PCs with Flash instead of a real HD is itself interesting, further down they note that: As we reported last week, Samsung will also start shipping NAND-hard drive combos with 128MB and 256MB of NAND during the third quarter. The authors go on to note that Intel is releasing… Continue reading Hybrid storage to hit the mass market…

Reminiscences about old computers… part 1

Inspired by a thread on RASFF (I think, might have been RASFC) here are the first in a set of reminiscences about computers I’ve owned. The lengthy bit will follow breaks, so that those of you who are here for humor and/or politics can ignore them. I got my first computer, a Commodore 64 with… Continue reading Reminiscences about old computers… part 1


That’s a very long day-and-a-half of moving done with, and I am about to be headed to sleep in my new apartment… I’ll miss San Francisco, but I’m not far away (Foster City, about ~25 minutes South along 101,) and being able to once again get to work on Scooty-Puff Jr. in 10 minutes rather… Continue reading Moved!

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I’ve got a new job.

I will be starting shortly at Guidewire, in San Mateo. It won’t be for another few days (*) , but except on the level of exactly which day next week I start, plans are settled and I am looking forward to getting back to a relatively “crunchy” programming position; it seems like a very cool… Continue reading I’ve got a new job.

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The shortage of posts lately… (and a recommendation)

The shortage of posts lately has basically come down to three things: 1) I’ve been busy with the job-search. 2) My home page has been getting a lot of hits from my craigslist resume, and while I’m too lazy to look through the referers, I have to assume some of them are coming here. I… Continue reading The shortage of posts lately… (and a recommendation)

I’m looking for a job.

As of Friday, February 10th, I am no longer working at my old position at USF. I was am actively looking for a new position – preferably in the San Francisco Bay Area – and appreciate any leads. My resume is available as a pdf document or as html. There are more versions available here,… Continue reading I’m looking for a job.

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Happy New Years…

My vacation has been very enjoyable so far; after the obligatory family time, I’ve enjoyed my traveling quite a lot. New Years Eve in Singapore is interesting – the noise level since midnight has been constant and very high (it’s 12:45AM here on 1/1; I’m 16 hours ahead of California time right now here) and… Continue reading Happy New Years…