3 Men In A Boat, sort of…

Via Slashdot… Jack Watkins, 25, and engineers Chris Hayes, 24, and Dave Sibley, 25, have succeeded in crossing Italy’s Lake Garda in a huge, inflated bouncy castle. “Great Britain has such a great tradition as a seafaring nation and we really feel we have played no role at all in adding to this,” admitted intrepid… Continue reading 3 Men In A Boat, sort of…

Rip Torn: Bank Robber???

Actor Rip Torn charged with breaking into Conn. bank while drunk and carrying a loaded gun SALISBURY, Conn. (AP) — Actor Elmore “Rip” Torn has been charged with breaking into a Connecticut bank and carrying a loaded handgun while intoxicated. State police say the 78-year-old Salisbury resident was arrested Friday night after police found him… Continue reading Rip Torn: Bank Robber???

I’ve GOT to visit Estonia…

Kidding, although it does sound like an interesting place to visit for other reasons than the translation of “twelve months.” In other news, I’ve been super-lax about updating this (even ignoring the 3+ weeks when there was no server running at all.) We’re finally sorta-kinda moved in. Some house-related posts coming up one of these


Here’s a phishing email I received: Important: You’re getting this letter in connection with new directions issued by U.S. Treasury Department. The directions concern U.S. Federal Wire online payments. On January 26, 2009 a large-scaled phishing attack started and has been still lasting. A great number of banks and credit unions is affected by this… Continue reading Meta-phishing.

Somali Pirates in Discussions to Acquire Citigroup

via AmericaBlog: Somali Pirates in Discussions to Acquire Citigroup November 20 (Bloomberg) — The Somali pirates, renegade Somalis known for hijacking ships for ransom in the Gulf of Aden, are negotiating a purchase of Citigroup. The pirates would buy Citigroup with new debt and their existing cash stockpiles, earned most recently from hijacking numerous ships,… Continue reading Somali Pirates in Discussions to Acquire Citigroup

Hitchin’ a ride.

Crab videotaped riding giant jellyfish Exactly what it says. Requires a video player plugin, not sure which but one I had in any event. Animals are weird… It’s a good day for random weird stuff: Missing in Mexico: Truck with 5,000 condoms, 800 HIV tests and a giant inflatable prophylactic MEXICO CITY (AP) _ Missing… Continue reading Hitchin’ a ride.