Slim Jim in Marmite?

A coworker just asked for one of my Slim Jims (mmmm, junk food) so he could try it dipped in Marmite. I’m fine sharing them, so he took it, and tried it. Response: “I think I just corned my own tongue.” Not a combination I’ll be trying.

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Too close to the truth

from AmericaBlog: CONFIDENTIAL BUSINESS PROPOSAL (and with both apologies and compliments, reproduced in its entirety below, as this is too funny and too sad…) Dear Mr. American, Good day and compliments. I am HENRI PAULSON, the Ministry of the Treasury of the Republic of America, and the personal financial adviser to GEORGE W. BUSH (the… Continue reading Too close to the truth

Upcoming books: “Without Warning”

John Birmingham’s latest, Without Warning has showed up on Amazon. Looks great, although it isn’t out in the US until February. If I make it to Asia again this fall, I may get it early … as I was able to do with Final Impact, since they get the Aussie editions at some of the… Continue reading Upcoming books: “Without Warning”

Rap Battles, translated.

Warning, NSFW. Perhaps more amusing than the actual video is the near-Rickroll-like email the URL for this was included in: Obama/McCain Debate Preview The debates are only a couple weeks away, and it may be worth discussing the strengths of the respective candidates on the floor.

Obama vs. Dukakis

We really need to get over this whole “Mr. Nice Democrat” thing. We don’t need post-partisanship, or less partisanship… we need BETTER progressive partisanship, and candidates who will give the strong rhetorical and ideological boots-in-the-rear to the conservatives. It seems like Democrats only do that in the primaries… and that’s exactly the time when we… Continue reading Obama vs. Dukakis

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Must-see image: Frizza vending machine

The End Is Near And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Tombstone Deep Dish Pizza, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with vending machine pizza, and with high-fructose corn syrup, and with… Continue reading Must-see image: Frizza vending machine